If you have already signed up for the COVID Shots read below: (if not go down to next box)

We have received the final planning information from the Health Department for Round 1 & 2 of the COVID Vaccine Clinics for First Responders. The Health Department was able to procure enough doses to provide the vaccine for all whom completed the initial survey requesting the vaccine plus all that emailed me after the fact requesting to be added to the list.  

The Health Department is hosting two rounds of vaccinations, a week apart.  You may sign up for either round. There is no difference in the vaccinations on either date. Offering two dates allows us to spread out the doses among everyone in the event there is a reaction, allows for scheduling conflicts, and it keeps the daily number of those getting a vaccination to a manageable level for Health Department staffing.

 **Please also remember that all forms of the COVID Vaccine require 2 doses that are 4 weeks apart. You will need to come back in February to get your second dose of vaccine for it to be effective. **  

To sign up, please click the link below next to the date you would like to be vaccinated. The screening forms and consent to receive vaccinations will only be sent to those that register at the below links.  

Jan 6 & Feb 3 sign up: https://forms.gle/Fi7RPJnJM4d49pa36  

Jan 13 & Feb 10 sign up: https://forms.gle/EaBqiifKEi5XVhSn8


If you did not sign up earlier but want the vaccine now:

If you did not sign up for the first two rounds of the vaccine in early December and have now changed your mind and would like to receive a vaccine. Please complete the below survey link and we will contact you for Round 3 or if there are any unused doses from Round 1 & 2.We will only be contacting you via email, so make sure that you are actively checking your email for information.


In addition, please all members are to work through our Chief Officers if you have any questions. Do not reach out to county officers as they are fielding questions sent to them.